Yes, minus the fair market value of any benefits received.  (The IRS requires we let you know about that!)

The IRS requires that you deduct the Fair Market Value* of the Benefits Card ($20) that you will receive as a MMMP from your contributions when determining the tax-deductible portion of your gift to The JOY FM.  If you wish to decline the gifts associated with your MMMP giving, please call us at 770-487-4500 as soon as possible so that we can honor your request.  If you decline MMMP gifts, then the full amount of your contribution will be tax deductible.  *The Fair Market Value of the items you receive is NOT what we paid for these items.  We receive them at substantial discounts but are required by the IRS to report the FMV.  Click here to become an MMMP.

Tax receipts detailing this are sent in January to those who give $250 or more during the previous year.  Click here to give now!