The Morning Cruise Replay - Of A New Age

Thursday, June 30, 2022

On today's show, Dave gave us an update on his grandsons who are reaching the age of crawling, walking and climbing. 

The iPhone turned 15 yesterday, and with that age comes our own responsibility of handling the rhythms of a digital world with good habits. 

This weekend, across the country, we'll be celebrating America's birthday. As Dave looked ahead to the celebrations, he reflected on the actions of our founding fathers. 

One traveler almost had to get his eyes checked when he saw an unusual ride pull up for his Uber request. 

Carmen and her girls are headed to Nashville for a long weekend, but she's still got those flying jitters. 

As cruise lines return to the open ocean with vacationers aboard, there are some deals to be had. But then the question is, do you share pictures from your vacation? Bill has the answer to that question. 

And one of our favorites celebrates a birthday today, Louie Giglio! 



00:32 Dave's genius climbers 

04:04 Vids and pics of kids 

08:05 iPhone @15 

12:29 Digital World and Rhythms 

16:35 Good habits with phones 

20:51 America - If You Can Keep It

27:57 Uber gas truck 

30:23 Carmen's flying jitters 

33:11 Cruise deals 

36:18 Connect with TMC 

38:32 Posting vacation photos 

41:21 HBD Louie Giglio! 

45:37 Bill's BIG Word 

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