The Morning Cruise Replay - Strength In Numbers

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

There was a large amount of talk about numbers this morning on The Morning Cruise. We started with another look at the amount of photos on each of our phones. Carmen also gave us a hack for photo maintenance.

Bill pointed to our JOY Story on Rich and how he used to lead a number of students in an atheists group. But it was his daughter and her baptism that led him to the Lord. 

If you are a fan of Wordle as much as Carmen is and are looking for a way to play more than once a day, she's got a website for you. And if that is not enough, there's a number of offshoots of the popular word game as well. 

There's been a lot of shortages reported in the news lately, and the latest one concerns olive oil. Dave has the details on that and Carmen has a list of 6 inflammatory oils to avoid. 

Bill shared a list of weird things that have rained. 

Dave followed that up with a story about a large amount of moth caterpillars invading a home. 

#87 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is calling it a career (for the second time!), as Rob Gronkowski shared the news that he is done with his playing career. 

And Chris Tomlin and his bus driver hit a milestone in the tour bus recently...1 million miles travelled! 

00:32 How many pictures? 

03:46 Photo maintenance 

06:49 JOY Story 

11:36 Created with a purpose 


20:49 Wordle offshoots 

24:17 Olive Oil Shortage 

27:29 Bad Oils 

31:59 Weird things that have rained 

36:13 Moth Caterpillar Invasion 

40:37 Gronk Retirement 

44:34 Chris Tomlin - 1 million miles on tour bus 

45:39 Bill's BIG Word



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