The Morning Cruise Replay - Supporting Roles

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Today's show had a lot of support behind it as we discussed a number of supporting roles. 

Dave kicked it off for us as he shared how Nickelodeon covered the Saints vs Bears game on Sunday in support of the effort to teach the game to kids. 

Bill told us about a Thrivent event featuring Tony Evans and he had some musical support from Carmen's computer. 

Carmen has been a long time supporter of the Alabama Crimson Tide and she was very happy and a bit tired after last night's game. 

Heisman Trophy Winner DeVonta Smith had an outstanding game last night. There's a story floating around on the internet from one of the people that has supported his educational efforts. One of his teachers mentioned that she had never had the opportunity to stand on the sidelines at Bryant-Denny Stadium. A few weeks later she was doing just that when DeVonta won a student athlete award and invited her as his guest. 

Carmen loves to show her support for the University of Alabama. But it took a little convincing from Dave for her to add a new hat to her cart. 

From national champions to Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings, who debuted as the first guest host of the game show since the passing of Alex Trebek. 

If you are looking for a little support on your weight loss journey, we'll have Amanda Tress of FASTer Way To Fat Loss in tomorrow. 

Bill wants you to catechize your kids. After he explained what he meant by that, he offered a few resources to support your child's faith formation. 

While we support the body positivity movement, we're a little hesitant to showcase that since Carmen accidentally ordered masks with nude figure drawings. 

But Carmen isn't alone! She got a call of support from Julie. 

Chris Pratt may be best known for his supporting role in Parks & Rec. But now there's a rumor that he may be taking on a younger version of the character, Indiana Jones. 

KITT was a car that was probably more of the star of the show in Knight Rider than the driver, David Hassellhoff. But now Mr. Hassellhoff is selling his version of the famous car. 

After we took a timehop to 12 years ago with the New Faces Tour and a 2017 article offering supportive encouragement to clear the clutter in your home, Carmen told us how she was looking forward to a little pillow support later today for a good nap.

00:33 Nickelodeon NFL coverage 

03:05 Tony Evans interrupted 

05:52 Crimson Tide's National Championship Win 

10:25 DeVonta Smith's gesture for teacher 

13:15 National Championship Hats 

14:15 Ken Jennings debuts as guest host on Jeopardy! 

18:06 Amanda Tress on tomorrow 

19:09 Catechize Your Kids 

24:53 Resources for Kids Faith Formation 

27:46 Mask mixup 

32:46 Call from Julie - Carmen is not alone! 

35:02 Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones? 

39:34 Knight Rider Car Auction 

43:11 Timehop to New Faces Tour and clearing the clutter in the New Year 

48:02 Carmen is tired after last night's game 

52:20 Bill's BIG Word - catechesis

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