The Morning Cruise Replay - Home For The Holidays

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Today's show turned out to be much different than we had originally planned as we were looking forward to a special morning with our friends from CAIN. But...2020! They stayed home and continue to celebrate their #1 spot on the charts for Rise Up, while we played their Christmas tune, Celebrate Me Home. 

And knowing that many will be celebrating Christmas differently, especially at home, we gave you some ideas for a Christmas table setting. Shared a few table topics, including a conversation on homesickness. 

And while it was a temporary home, the manger played an important part in the story of Christmas. Bill takes a look at the manger scene as a symbol  of Christmas. 

00:33 CAIN not coming in 

03:25 Celebrate Me Home 

06:40 Dave wins coffee for Carmen 

09:20 Hot Chocolate Bombs 

13:54 Holly Jolly Christmas Table 

18:59 Haley's Christmas Table memories 

23:46 Table Topics 

31:10 for King & Country/ Table Topics Giveaway 

32:13 Table Topic - homesickness

39:05 Indiana Jones new movie same actor 

43:16 Christmas symbols: manger 

47:16 Emmie Faye and Ernie

50:11 Bill's BIG Word 

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