The Morning Cruise Replay - What Is...Rough Waters?

Monday, November 09, 2020

Kicking off T-shirts for Turkeys today has been crazy as our Florida listening area is also focused on Tropical Storm Eta. 

Bill was thankful for church this past weekend and shared a message of Jesus walking on the waters. 

Dave lamented the loss of Alex Trebek over the weekend as well as a close friend of his. 

Many thought that marriages were going to be in rough waters during the pandemic. Carmen shared a study that found that to not be the case. 

One man made history yesterday as he swam 2.4 miles in  the Gulf of Mexico, biked for 112 miles and ran a marathon in the Florida Panhandle for the Ironman Triathlon. 

After wrapping up the stops this morning for T-Shirts For Turkeys, we took a look at the locations we will be at this afternoon. Just don't bring a frozen t-shirt! 

And Bill wrapped up the show with a word that could apply to rough waters as well! 

00:32 Tropical Storm Conditions 

03:34 T-shirts Today 

06:22 Church: Jesus Walks On Water

09:53 Remembering Alex Trebek 

13:05 Marriage in Quarantine Study 

15:53 Down Syndrome Ironman Triathlete

17:14 T-shirts for Turkeys this afternoon 

20:50 Another look at Jesus Walking on the Water 

25:16 Bill's BIG Word 



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