The Morning Cruise Replay - Love Is In The Air

Monday, September 21, 2020

On this 21st day of September, love is in the air on The Morning Cruise, courtesy of weekend wedding bells, Tauren Wells with his take on a Earth, Wind & Fire classic, and E-Carmeny. 

Bill spent the weekend at one wedding thinking about another upcoming wedding for his daughter! Carmen went to church twice yesterday and shared what her pastor, Aaron Burke had to say in his sermon, Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places. 

Dave told us about the care package he received from Matthew West. 

And we couldn't resist playing Tauren Wells' version of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic, September. 

Carmen has finally solved the mystery of the Amazon movies that someone has been watching on her account. 

Our love for social media has come to a dangerous tipping point, as Dave shared the story of a British woman who fell on a busy highway while trying to post a Snapchat. Which reminded us to go finish watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix. 

Late last week, Carmen went on Instagram and let it be known that our coworker, Ed, is single and looking. And the response has been crazy! So much so, that E-Carmeny might be making a comeback! 

As Bill pointed out, soon after a successful E-Carmeny match and a wedding comes big purchases like a refrigerator. We're gonna help you out with that for our Choose Your Chill giveaway. 

And for those that love Dolly Parton, Carmen had a couple of hats to give away. 

00:33 Bill's weekend 

03:35 Two Church Services for Carmen 

07:12 A Matthew West Care Package 

09:59 Historical happenings on September 21st 

11:28 Carmen's Movie Mystery Solved 

19:31 Some more sleuthing from listeners 

20:47 A Selfie Accident and The Social Dilemma 

24:41 Read The Bible 

28:35 E-Carmeny: Ed & Scott 

35:52 Contact has been made! 

38:33 Choose Your Chill 

41:45 Raised On Dolly Hat Giveaway 

42:20 Bill's BIG Word - congruity


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