The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Trenches

Thursday, September 10, 2020

We spent some time "in the trenches" this morning as we kicked things off with Tauren Wells song, "Trenches," that he performed for the BET Stellar Awards 

When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances in life, it can feel like we are "fighting in the trenches" for a way out. Carmen shared a story she received from a friend who had several miscarriages but with the help of a prayer she is finding her way out of the suffering. 

We did some digging of our own this morning as we read the last chapter of Matthew and the first 2 chapters of Mark for our Reading of The Gospels in September. 

As we've been doing this reading, we've shared from a couple of different Bible translations. But there's one that we weren't aware of until Bill shared a few verses from a Gen Z Translation in the form of a 30-Day Devotional. And well, this translation wasn't something that a few Boomers would dig, if you know what I'm saying! 

Dave gave us a sports update and told us how the Miami Marlins found themselves in a pretty big hole in a recent  record- setting game with the Atlanta Braves. 

Carmen then told us how she isn't digging some of the changes on Instagram. 

Then Dave told us about a postal service warehouse that had to dig through footage to find out what happened to an urn. 

00:32 Tauren Wells - Trenches

02:28 Kelly's text to Carmen 

06:35 Suffering 

10:23 Matthew 28 

14:23 Highlights from Matthew on Instagram 

18:28 Gen Z Bible translation 

22:05 Gen Z Approach to the Bible 

26:46 Braves record score 

29:42 Instagram changing 

36:15 Mark 1

41:58 Empty box delivered 

44:35 Suffering Savior 

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