A Beautiful Mess

Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Beautiful Mess

That's what Pastor Bill Johnson calls sharing the Gospel with over 40 different people groups in Clarkston, Georgia.

jules and billOk, so if I'm really being honest, I have a hard enough time sharing the Gospel with folks who kind of look like me and who speak my own language. So I'm a little unsure sometimes how to share Jesus with someone from a totally different culture. Thankfully, my friend, Pastor Bill Johnson of Reach the Nations Community Church in Clarkston, Georgia, has been able to school me on how to do a better job with cross cultural ministry. 

 As I mentioned, Bill serves in Clarkston, Georgia, a town with the unique distinction of being called the most culturally diverse square mile in America. This one town is home to over 40 different people groups, and the local high school has over 70 different dialects spoken by its student body. Most of the people who attend Bill's church are refugees. 

In my podcast interview with Bill, he shares his ministry strategy for reaching all the different nationalities and as you may have guessed, it all boils down to loving and serving your neighbor. Watch the video and listen below:


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