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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Fledge FiamingoIf you're like me, you spend a lot of time looking out windows - the ones in the house, the ones in the car, the ones in the office - at things human beings have built. Other than some trees and maybe a flowering shrub or some plants at the mailbox, I'm hard pressed to see much in the way of nature living in the 'burbs. I guess the reason why people say "I need to get back to nature" is because they, well, aren't near it on a day-to-day basis. So when the opportunity to talk to a real safari guide, a guy who spends most of his time in the bush came my way, I had to have a chat with him.

Fledge Fiamingo is, first and foremost, a teacher of the Gospel. His mission with Son Safaris is to take people on the trip of a lifetime - a safari in his native homeland of South Africa - to not only experience God's amazing creation, but to help them understand how all the beautiful creatures and plants actually fit together to tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fledge has a colorful background and he shared with me his faith journey from professional naturalist and guide in South Africa, to his moving to Georgia and starting his safari missions ministry.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Fledge was his incredible storytelling ability. He can take something as mundane as a spiderweb and turn it into not only a science lesson, but also an engaging and incredibly meaningful testament to the creativity of God and His love for us. Fledge is definitely the kind of guy you'd want to sit beside you around a campfire.

You may be thinking, "Jules, I get the lesson part; but how is this a mission trip?" I'm so glad you asked! Part of the time you're in South Africa, you're learning, seeing and doing things related to nature. But for a significant portion of the trip, you'd be doing more traditional mission trip assignments like helping churches and working with children in orphanages. Son Safaris is providing a great opportunity to have so much more than just a unique adventure. They are providing ways to learn, grow in your faith, share the Gospel and serve others.

Click on over and check out my podcast interview with Fledge Fiamingo, if for no other reason than to hear a great story from a guy with an accent even cooler than mine!

Missions On Safari

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