Hope and Healing for Addicts and Their Families

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Jules, Kim and LaylaIt seems like substance abuse is problem that is hitting virtually every family in our country in one way or another. And Christians are not immune from this devastating problem.
It's been said, “Life doesn't happen in a vacuum”. When a person becomes embroiled in addiction, it's not just their life they are taking down a dark road. Usually, those closest to them get pulled in as well.

So what do you do when you don't have the problem, but someone you love does? How do YOU deal with THEIR problem, which is now your problem, too, just because you love this person?

Thankfully, there are people like Kim Maniaci with Walk of Faith House ready to offer help and hope to those struggling with addiction in their lives.

In my interview with Kim, she talks extensively about how Walk of Faith House got started, and how their long-range goal is to construct an inpatient addiction recovery center. Until that goal is realized in the meantime, the organization is offering counseling and referral services to reputable agencies. They also offer the Christ-centered recovery program called Freedom Small Group.

Kim shared with me that, surprisingly enough, most of the people they are helping at Walk of Faith House are not themselves addicts. They are the family members of addicts, trying to cope with the anger, pain, and frustration that often accompanies  having an addict in your life. Many times, family members seek help because they are at the end of their rope, but the addicts themselves have not reached that point.

But some addicts have hit rock bottom and are reaching out. Joining Kim in the interview is a brave woman named Layla Smith, who was willing to share her heart about her experience being addicted to Meth and how, through the Freedom Small Group, she found the strength that only God can provide to beat the addiction. She also found her real identity - the one that she has in Christ.

I had several takeaways from my interview with Kim and Layla. One was a cautionary tale for family members not to compare the addict with someone else in the family who may have gone down a bad road. But I think I was most encouraged by Kim's  admonition to never give up hope. God, who created all things, CAN redeem what seems like a hopeless situation.

Listen to my podcast interview with Kim and Layla and if you would like more information, please visit their website at walkoffaithhouse.com

Hope and Healing for Addicts and Their Families

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