How Water Changes Everything

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Erin Porter with Global SamaratinsHow long is your morning commute? 15, maybe 20 minutes? Maybe you have one crazy friend who drives all the way in to Atlanta every day? Well, I promise you my friend Erin Porter has THE longest commute EVER! She has to go all the way to Zambia - yes, the country in sub-Saharan Africa!!

Ok, so maybe she doesn't have to make the trip every day, but as the stateside executive director of Global Samaritans, an organization dedicated to helping children, villages and pastors, she does make the trip to Zambia several times a year.

The ministry was founded by Beau and Ruby Cheeves, two Athens area doctors who visited Zambia during the heighth of the AIDS epidemic. Their hearts was broken for the thousands of children left orphaned by parents who had succumbed to the disease. Global Samaritans started as an orphanage, then became a school and then a discipleship tool for local pastors, But wait, as if that weren't enough, they are now drilling wells for villages and hospitals all over Zambia. How did they get into the well-drilling business? Well - pardon the pun - this is such an amazing God story, you're just going to have to listen to my interview with Erin Porter and hear the story in her words.

I realized after talking with Erin that so many of the things I think are problems, really aren't. More than one third all Zambians do not have access to clean drinking water. And what access they do have, often requires them to walk hours a day to collect. But when a village gets a well, the transformation is amazing. Learn how a village getting a well means education and a world of possibilities for children, especially girls, which they may otherwise be denied.

Hear my podcast interview with Erin Porter and learn about how you, too, can help people in Zambia. 

How Water Changes Everything

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