Wilderness Obedience

Monday, January 04, 2021

wildernessDuring His time on earth in human form Jesus was obedient to the Father. From the very beginning of His public ministry Jesus did exactly as the Father asked. We see that in His baptism by John the Baptist and His 40 days of fasting and then temptation in the wilderness which preceded His choosing of the disciples.

During Middays Prayer Time this week I’ll be sharing from Matthew’s account of these events.

Mon   01/04/21                  Matthew 3:13-17

Tue     01/05/21                  Matthew 4:1-2

Wed   01/06/21                  Matthew 4:3-4

Thu     01/07/21                  Matthew 4:5-7

Fri       01/08/21                  Matthew 4:8-11

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