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Thursday, May 23, 2019

It’s Not On Fire
Casey’s General Store, a chain in the Midwest, experienced some unforeseen circumstances with their steaming pizza billboard.

Church Honored By The FBI
Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans recently received the Director’s Community Leadership Award from the FBI for their efforts to combat human trafficking. Read more here.

The Yankees Broke An Orioles Announcer
Gleyber Torres of the NY Yankees has hit 12 homeruns this year, 10 of them against the Orioles. He hit 2 on Wednesday night and Gary Thorne, the Orioles announcer, was at a loss for words.

Bears In A Car
When parking your car in the Great Smoky Mountains it’s a good idea to roll up the windows.

Bear Cub In A Car 01Bear Cub In A Car 02

Autonomous Delivery
The one potential problem with self-driving delivery vehicles is getting the package from the vehicle to your door. Ford is working on that.

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