Kim Boyce: I Just Wanna Celebrate

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kim Boyce Time And Again album coverOn September 17, 1983 Kim Boyce told a national TV audience that she hoped to go into Christian music. It was Atlantic City and Kim was competing in the Miss America Pageant. She would place in the top 10 that night as Miss Florida. The winner was Miss New York, Vanessa Williams.

Three years later her first album, “Kim Boyce” was released. She followed that up in 1988 with “Time And Again.” In all Kim released eight albums, had 11 #1 hits and has written seven books.

She’s been married to Gary Lee Koreiba since 1990. The couple have two sons and live in the Branson, MO area. Kim continues to perform.

Here’s Kim’s version of the song that was a hit for the band Rare Earth in 1971, “I Just Wanna Celebrate.” Kim included it on her 1988 “Time And Again.”

SPECIAL BONUS: Here’s the original Rare Earth version.

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