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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Mosquito Dynasty
Orkin has been ranking cities in the US based on the number of mosquito service calls they get, and for 6 consecutive years Atlanta has been #1. See the full list here.

What A Difference A Kid Makes
Here’s the latest video from It’s A Southern Thing, a look at the difference in vacations before and after you have kids.

Guatemala Trip
I spoke with George Dillard, pastor at Peacthree City Christian Church about their upcoming mission trip to Guatemala. Find out more at their website.

This Is Parody
Here’s the link to a recent story from The Babylon Bee, a Christian parody news website.

“Spend A Life”
David Dunn just released the acoustic video version of “Spend A Life.”

Find A Nice Clean Restroom
With vacation road trips upon us I thought this ranking of clean gas station restrooms might come in handy.

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