Switchfoot: Dare You To Move

Thursday, May 16, 2019

There aren’t many songs that a band wants to release on two albums, with of course the exception of a best of collection. But “Dare You To Move” is one of those exceptions. Writer and singer of the song, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, calls it a defining song for the band.

Switchfoot Learning To Breathe album coverIt was originally included on the band’s 2000 album “Learning To Breathe” as “I Dare You To Move.” That was the band’s third studio album and their last for the Re:think Records, which was owned by the Christian Sparrow Records. The song was one of four of the band’s songs featured in the Mandy Moore movie “A Walk To Remember” in 2002. That attention helped Switchfoot secure a deal with the mainstream label Columbia Records/SonyBMG.

Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown album coverTheir first album with the new label, “The Beautiful Letdown,” came out in 2003 and included a revised version of the song, now simply called “Dare You To Move.” Foreman says the reason they decided to include it on “The Beautiful Letdown” was that it “hadn’t lived its shelf life yet.” And they thought with the album’s release to a wider audience it would touch more people.

The alternate version has heavier guitars and stronger vocals than the original. Foreman commented that “after having played it a couple of years live (between recording the original and alternate versions), I feel like we’ve got a better grip on how we want it to be on a record.”

Switchfoot produced two music videos of the song, the original is below, followed by the alternate version.

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