Twinkies Coffee

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Quest Nearing Completion
Last Thanksgiving my middle grandson, Travis, alerted me to Twinkies flavored coffee available at a convenience store near him in Wheeling, WV. By the time I got there for Thanksgiving they had discontinued it, see that video here. Today Rob Langer alerted me to the availability of Twinkies K-Cups. I ordered 2. Get those details here.

Twinkies Coffee

Persecution Growing
The Easter terrorist attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka highlighted what has been going on and growing for years now. See more details here.

Florida Woman Headline
The much memed headline “Florida Man” now has some competition. See the latest example here.

Best States For Working Moms
Wallet Hub just released their ranking of the 2019 Best States For Working Moms. See it here.

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