Jeremy Camp The Movie

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

I Still Believe
They’re making a movie about Jeremy Camp. “I Still Believe” will begin filming soon with Gary Sinise playing Jeremy’s father, Tom, and KJ Apa, best known as Archie Andrews in the TV show “Riverdale,” playing Jeremy. Get more details here. Funny, he didn't mention it when I spoke with him back in October.

Name Yourself Day
I always felt a little shortchanged about my name. I explain, and then talk with Sherry about her similar name.

consPastors In Sneakers
It looks like pastors in sneakers is now a thing. There’s an Instagram account dedicated to it and Relevant Magazine did a tongue-in-cheek piece about what sneakers say about theology. Read it here.


Buy Gas Today
According to a report (see it here) Tuesday is the best day to buy gas in Georgia. The worst day is Sunday.

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