The Winans: Everyday The Same

Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Winans, "Return" coverSome families seem to have a propensity to go into and excel in certain fields. We’ve all known families whose members for generations have been teachers or pastors or police officers. The Winans is one such family. If there is a family who for at least three generations has been more prolific in the field of music I am not aware of them.

The family, starting with David and Delores, or Mom and Pop Winans, has produced at least 18 distinct acts in one combination or another. Arguably Bebe & Cece Winans, as both a duo and individual artists, are the best known. But four of their older brothers plowed that ground for them, performing as The Winans.

Brothers Ronald, Marin, Carvin and Michael were discovered by Andrae Crouch and signed to Light Records. Their first album as The Winans, “Introducing The Winans,” was released in 1981. Their ninth and final studio album, “Heart & Soul,” came out in 1995. During that time they won 6 Grammy Awards and received airplay on Gospel, R&B and Contemporary Christian Music radio stations.

Their 1990 album “Return” contained a number of radio singles and guest appearances, including Stevie Wonder on this week’s TBT feature “Everyday The Same.”

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