Lunar Eclipse

Friday, January 18, 2019

Super Blue Blood Moon
There’s a total lunar eclipse this weekend. has tips for the best ways to view it here.

Happy Birthday Ollie
Oliver Hardy was born on this date in Harlem, GA in 1892. He and his comedy team mate Stan Laurel are the subject a new movie, “Stan & Ollie,” in theaters now.

Police Officer Name Of The Year
Some people have names that seem to be the exact opposite of what they do for a living, like Australian police officer Rob Banks.

Officer Rob Banks

Native Tongue Trailer
The new Switchfoot album, “Native Tongue” is out today. Here’s the trailer.

Sleep Tricks
Ever tried to go to sleep but sleep just wouldn’t come? I found some tricks to help you fall asleep fast. See them here.

Candy The Year You Were Born
Here’s the link to the list of popular candy that debuted the year you were born.

Candy in a bowl

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