Wonderful Life

Friday, November 30, 2018

It’s A Wonderful Life
Tonight at 7 PM The JOY FM Players present “It’s A Wonderful Life” live on stage at Crossroads Church in Newnan. Ticket details here. Hope to see you there. I share a few of my favorite lines from the movie below.

Quest Denied
My middle grandson, Travis, had alerted me that the local Sheets (gas station/convenience store chain) in Wheeling, WV had Twinkies flavored coffee. By the time I got there for Thanksgiving they had discontinued it.

Best Sports Cities 2018
Atlanta cracks the top 10. See the full report here.

New Music Videos
Two new videos today, and one of them is a Christmas song, from Lauren Daigle “Winter Wonderland,” and a new song from tobyMac, “The Elements.”

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