Tori Kelly Talks Faith

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tori Kelly Talks Faith
Grammy winner Tori Kelly talks about her faith and what’s it’s like to be a Christian in the mainstream music industry. Read it here.

Tori Kelly

Sleeping With Dogs
It seems that woman who sleep with a dog in their bed get a better night’s rest than those who sleep with cats. Read the article here.

Dog & Cat

Top Dog & Cat Names
And while we’re talking dogs, Banfield Pet Hospital has crunched the numbers and released the top 10 dog and cat names for 2018. See the dog names list here and the cat names list here.

New Music Video
Matth Maher has released a new Christmas music video for “Gabriel’s Message.”

First Thanksgiving
The kids at Totally Accurate History posted the story of the “real” First Thanksgiving.

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