Shine: Newsboys

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The first time I saw Newsboys perform live Peter Fuller was still playing drums for the band and for this show he was dressed in a silver suit that made him look very much like a baked potato on a rotating and elevated drum kit. Of course my memory is subject to error.

Newsboys Phil Joel & Peter FurlerI met the band properly a short time later and over the course of a few years got to know them pretty well, especially Phil Joel. I was sitting in a restaurant in Estes Park, Colorado when Phil and Duncan Phillips and Jeff Frankenstein came in. They spotted me and joined me and several co-workers from the cable TV network I was working for at the time.

When the Newsboys left my co-workers told me how impressed they were that the guys from the band recognized me. I told them that said more about Newsboys than it did me. Sure, they were rock stars, but they maintained a level of humility.

Newsboys is still one of the biggest acts in Christian music, though the lineup is much different today than when the band first started. Peter Furler and George Perdikis started Newsboys in 1985 in Queensland, Australia. They added John James and Sean Taylor shortly thereafter. Within two years the band had signed a record deal and had moved to the US.

Their first couple of albums met only moderate success, though their fourth release, “Not Ashamed,” came out in 1992 and people started paying more attention to them. The 1994 “Going Public” really put them on the map as it won the Dove Award for Rock Album of the Year and included the song that won the Dove for Rock Recorded Song of the Year, “Shine.”

The band continues to record and tour. Recently Peter Furler and Phil Joel joined the current lineup of Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein and Jody Davis on the United Tour.

Here’s the official video version “Shine” from the 1995 “Going Public.”

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