Kim Hill Charm Is Deceitful

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kim Hill publicity photoKim Hill released her first album, “Kim Hill,” in 1988. Her husky low-alto vocals promised something very special and her second release, the 1989 “Talk About Life,” more fully delivered on that promise. That album was listed at #332 on the CCM Magazine “500 Best CCM Albums of All Time” list.

“Talk About Life” ventured into folk-rock territory, taking full advantage of Kim’s vocal range. It included the radio hits “Secret Place,” “Testimony,” “Snake In The Grass,” and “Charm Is Deceitful.” Kim followed that up with the 1991 “Brave Heart.”

Kim Hill's Talk About Life lp coverThen she made a short-lived attempt at mainstream country music with the 1994 “So Far So Good.” She did get some attention from country radio on the singles “Janie’s Gone Fishing” and “Wise Beyond Her Tears.” But the overall success of that album was moderate at best.

In 1995 her Christian label, Reunion Records, released “Testimony,” a best of collection. In all Kim has released 17 albums. Lately she’s been leading worship and speaking at a number of women’s conferences around the country.

Here’s a fan-produced video of the 1989 “Charm Is Deceitful” from “Talk About Life.”

This is an early concept video for the song “Snake In The Grass,” also from the 1989 album “Talk About Life.”

Kim’s 1994 country album, “So Far So Good” yielded two concept videos, both shared here. First “Janie’s Gone Fishing” and then “Wise Beyond Her Tears.”

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