Boy Helps Elderly Woman Up Stairs

Friday, June 01, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of May 28, 2018

Despite the controversy surrounding two female entertainers (if you can legitimately call what either does entertainment) and their foul-mouthed comments that dominated most of the headlines this week, there were plenty of good stories. And those are the ones I chose to highlight on air.

Chivalry Lives On
Great story, great video. Perhaps the best part of what eight-year-old Maurice Adams Jr did was that he wasn’t aware anyone was watching or recording his act of kindness. The person who originally shared the video tracked Maurice down through his mother’s Facebook account and wants to give Maurice a $100 reward.

Protect & Serve
Officer CJ Mulinax of the Horry County, SC Police Department appeared in another viral video this week. Some months back this same officer was seen tossing a football around with several kids in the neighborhood he patrols. This time he responded to a 911 call with an amazing act of kindness and generosity.

This may be the most popular photograph the Atlanta Braves have ever shared that did not have at least one player in it.


Lost Bible
Jeff Foxworthy shares a story about a very special Bible.

What Teens Are Really Thinking About
If you have or know a teenager you may be surprised to learn what it is that they’re really thinking about.

Championship Speller
The Scripps National Spelling Bee wrapped up this week. The champion, Karthik Nemmani, won by correctly spelling “koinonia.” The word that took out the runner up was amazingly difficult, “bewussteinslage.”

Wedding Photos
Jamie Grace shared her wedding photos as only Jamie Grace could, by producing a video.

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