Candace Cameron Bure On Kindness

Friday, May 25, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of May 21, 2018

Candace Cameron Bure Talks About Kindness
If there is one element that seems to in extremely short supply these days, it’s kindness. Actress Candace Cameron Bure recently shared some thoughts and scriptures on the importance of demonstrating kindness.

A Lesson In Unintended Consequences
While doing some yard work this week I inadvertently created a dam.

Dam in my driveway

New Music From Ellie Holcomb
Ellie Holcomb released a new music video this week, the song is “You Are Loved.”

Scratch-N-Sniff Stamps
The USPS announced a new series of “forever stamps” due out on June 20. They’re scratch-n-sniff popsicle stamps.

Scratch-n-Sniff Stamps

The Quest Is Over
Back in April I told you about how my beloved NECCO Wafers candy was in danger of disappearing. And how a listener sent an entire commemorative canister of the candy to me. This week great news on the NECCO front. The company is being bought, which should ensure production of NECCO Wafers goes on without interruption.

Commemorative NECCO Wafers

Jamie Grace Videos
Busy week on the video front for Jamie Grace. First, she re-released a song she’d written several years ago, long before she met her current husband Aaron. She added video from her wedding to this version of “Wait It Out.”

And now that she has about 6 weeks as a married woman under her belt, it’s time for a little marriage from Jamie.

Zombie Alerts
This week there were two zombie alerts, one in Pennsylvania and on in Florida. Both appeared to be from official sources, but, as it turns out, they were simply hoaxes.

Beware Zombies

Rumor Fail
I thought I’d have some fun with an old friend on Facebook this week. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned.

rumor thread

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