Beautifully Broken, The Movie

Friday, April 27, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of April 23, 2018

Beautifully Broken, The Movie
I stumbled upon this soon-to-released film via a press release about CeCe Winans’ participation on the soundtrack.

Zach Williams Interview
Zach WilliamsJerry talked with Zach Williams, who will be in concert on May 4 in LaGrange.

Zach on the success of "Chain Breaker"

Tour highlights

Zach's writing a cookbook!

We’re Still Here
Turns out the prediction that the Rapture would happen this week was another false alarm.

monkey selfieMonkeys & Copyright Law
After a seven year legal battle, Naruto the crested macaque has lost his claim of copyright on a selfie he took in 2011.

Perspective On A Lawn Mower 
Biggest single purchase I’ve made this year.

Crossbow Extraction
Maybe I should have let my dad tie my loose tooth to a doorknob.

Back To School
I’m still looking for a college course to take so I can sign up for this internship.

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