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Friday, April 20, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of April 16, 2018

JulesMeet Jules
The JOY FM was introduced to the Athens area earlier this month, at 88.9. Our newest on-air team member was there prior to the JOY FM coming on the air there, Jules. I sat down with her on my show to introduce her to the rest of the JOY FM listening family.

Jules on her family

Jules on college football

Jerry and Jules celebrate High Five Day

Some Foreign Guy
I came across a Twitter thread that’s both touching and good advice.

"Foreign Guy" Twitter Thread

The Legend Of The Rubber Chicken
An old radio friend shared a video on my Facebook timeline. The video brought back memories of Legend Of The Rubber Chicken.

Jerry Williams and the legendary Rubber Chicken

Dogs With No Sense Of Possession
My dogs don’t seem to understand the concept of personal possessions.

Jake & Diesel on their beds, the correct ones

Make Your Own Alexa Skills
Google just added a new feature to its line of smart speakers, the Echo devices that feature the voice of Alexa. You can make your own personalized skills (that’s what they call the apps that run on Alexa).


The NECCO Quest, Part 2
Last week I told you that NECCO (New England Confectionary Co) may be going out of business, which would mean no more NECCO Wafers. My wife, Teri, cleaned out one store of their entire NECCO stock. This week I added more to the stash, thanks to a listener, Stacy.

Stacy sent NECCO Wafers!


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