Soldiers Sing “Reckless Love”

Friday, April 13, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of April 9, 2018

Easter At Ft Benning
This past Easter over 2,000 soldiers stationed at Ft Benning came together with members of some their families and the community for a worship service. During the service they sang “Reckless Love,” the song by Cory Asbury. It was reported that about 225 soldiers gave their hearts to Jesus during this service.

Four-Part Harmony
Just in case you missed it, Wednesday was Barbershop Quartet Day.

Jerry's Stash of all-chocolate NECCO WafersThe NECCO Quest
A legitimate candy emergency is developing, and I’m right on top of it.This could be as big as my quest to find Twinkies ice cream last July.

A Recipe For Disappointment
I don’t know why people who should know better keep making these predictions.

Selfless Act Of Kindness
Listen to my explanation and then watch the video.

A pitch backRandom Memories
Saw something in someone’s yard on the way in to work this week that I hadn’t seen for years.

Tax Season
We get a couple of extra days to file our income tax returns again this year. Though I’ve already done mine.

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