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Friday, March 02, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of February 26, 2018

Brian ScogginBrian Scoggin Interview
Brian Scoggin is the drummer for Casting Crowns. They will be in concert on Thursday 3/8 at Macon City Auditorium (more details here). Jerry talked with Brian this week.

Brian explains the meaning behind “The Very Next Thing.”

Brian talks about Brian.

A few last questions for Brian.

Robot Revolution
Jerry has been warning us about this for years. Now he has support from the academic and scientific community.

Cookie Boss Liv & JerryCookie Delivery
Cookie Boss Liv, my Girl Scout cookie connection, made a delivery last Friday, too late to make it into last week’s highlights. But since I’m still enjoy the cookies this week, figured I’d share it.

Secret SnackingSecret Snacks
Since we’re on the subject of snacking, a new study reveals that 2 out of 3 moms have a secret snack stash.

KindnessA Student’s Act Of Kindness
I stumbled on this story and had to share it. A 6th grader in Huntsville, AL made a selfless gesture that touched more hearts than she ever dreamed of.

Donut Boy
Another kid to the rescue. Nine-year-old Tyler Carach is traveling around the country thanking police officers for their service.

Rodney BullardHeroes Wanted
I first heard about the book “Heroes Wanted” a few weeks ago. I tracked down the author, Rodney Bullard and had as a guest on the air.

Rodney talks about the inspiration for the book.

I asked Rodney if there were traits these heroes have in common.

Rodney has advice for those who don't feel heroic.


What's That Mean?I Don’t Know What That Means
Nothing will make you feel old faster than having to admit you’re not up on the latest lingo as employed by the cool kids and in-crowd.


Flamin’ Hot, The Movie
At first, I thought Hollywood had finally reached the bottom of the idea barrel. But on closer look I may have underestimated this story.

Learn To Curl
The 2018 Winter Olympics are over, but not without raising interest in the unusual sport of curling. There are at least two curling clubs in the greater Atlanta area. Team USA has an interactive map that will help you find a curling club near you (here).

If you’re still not sure what curling is or if it might be something you’d like to try, here’s a quick video.

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