Billy Graham, New Selfies & Chicken Shenanigans

Friday, February 23, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of February 19, 2018

Billy GrahamRemembering Billy Graham
America’s Pastor, Billy Graham, passed away on Wednesday, 02/21/18. He was 99. I had the opportunity to attend a couple of his crusades over the years and had the opportunity to meet and speak with him. Here’s a link to his official memorial website.

Living Biblically
There’s a new TV sitcom coming to CBS, “Living Biblically” is about a man who decides to live his life according to the Bible. Johnny Galecki, of “The Big Bang Theory,” is the executive producer. He talked about the show in a recent article here.

Free App Of The Week
Pinscreen is an app that turns your selfie into an animated app. It appears that there are more applications available for it if you have an iPhone X, I have an iPhone 7. But it’s still kind of cool, if a little creepy. Well, maybe a lot creepy. Here’s a link to the app website.

Chicken Shenanigans
Two big chicken-related stories this week. The first happened at an Atlanta area Chick-fil-A.

The second affects all of UK and Ireland.

Happy Birthday George
This past Wednesday was George Washington’s birthday. The folks at celebrated with a little history video.

Bigfoot Lawsuit
Another Bigfoot siting has led to a lawsuit in California.

Keith LimbertPassed It
This is a picture of Keith Limbert of England. Keith just got his driver’s license. He is 79-years-old.

Alexa Boardgames
I can’t wait for these board games for Alexa to hit the market. Alexa reads the rules, keeps score and will even do some trash talking. The first one is due in stores later this year.

A young lady has started a new (hopefully) viral hashtag campaing to help, “Break the big nose taboo. Let’s stop hating our noses for not being tiny, little snubs and learn to love them by sharing a#sideselfieprofile.” I added the #FreeTheNostrils hashtag myself.

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