1,000 Shows & A Cookie Connection

Friday, February 02, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of January 29, 2018

1,000 Episodes
I started doing Mid Days With Jerry Williams on Monday April 7, 2014. Today, Friday February 2, 2018 was the 1,000th episode of that show!

Cookie Boss Liv & JerryCookie Boss Liv
This week Olivia stopped by the JOY FM. Olivia, or Cookie Boss Liv, is a Girl Scout and she was taking cookie orders. Last year she sold 1,623 boxes. Her goal this year is 3,000 boxes! Follow her on Instagram at @cookiebossliv.

Trespassing Chickens
Marauding flocks of chickens are becoming a problem in New Hampshire, or so it seems.

Groundhog Day
Friday wasn’t simply the 1000th episode of the show, it was also Groundhog Day! We got a call from Sherry on the results.

Fred RogersMr Rogers Movies
Fred Rogers, creator and star of the long-running children’s TV show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” passed away on February 27, 2003. His life and work inspired millions. And now there are two movies in the works about Mr. Rogers.

The Good Room
Roma Downey shared a wonderful story about the importance of sharing the gifts God has given you.

$1.24 For A  House
The village of Ollolai is trying to increase its population by selling houses for 1 Euro, or about $1.24. The deadline to apply is February 7, 2018. Find out more here. The website is in Italian, but most browsers will translate it for you.

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