Bomb Cyclone, Alexa & Chocolate

Friday, January 05, 2018

Highlights For The Week Of January 1, 2018

The Bomb Cyclone
The new year began with the mainstream media going crazy over what, to me at least, is a new meteorological term for a severe winter storm, Bomb Cyclone. The use of the word “bomb” gave the press an excuse for some very extreme headlines, seemingly fashioned to heighten anxiety among the general public. Well, I for one am not falling for it.

Bomb Cyclone Explained

Violent Bomb Cyclone?

Bomb Cyclone Forces Plane From Sky

Your Favorite Holiday
I started the week, and the new year, in search of a ranking of holidays based on peoples’ favorites. I couldn’t find one. So I created my own little survey. It includes 17 holidays. Take a minute and take it. I find it easier to complete if you start with your favorite and assign it #1, then your second favorite with #2 and so on, instead of assigning the numbers in the order the holidays are listed.

Create your own user feedback survey Create your own user feedback survey

Don’t Leave It In The Car
No matter what you call this extremely cold weather, we’re getting sub-freezing temperatures overnight through most of the weekend, here’s some advice on what NOT to leave in your car overnight.

Alexa & The JOY FM Atlanta
Quite a few people got one of those Amazon Echo smart speakers for Christmas, the one with Alexa. Here’s how to listen to The JOY FM on yours. More details here.

Endangered Chocolate
In another meteorological related story, this may be the worst news of the year.

Side Hustle
It’s not a new dance craze, it’s kind of a hobby that you make money pursuing. Seems like almost everyone has one these days.

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