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Thursday, January 04, 2018

ZOEgirl was like a supernova in Christian music in the early 2000s. They were founded in 1999, released their first album in 2000, won the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year in 2002, were Sparrow Records fastest selling artist of all time, and called it quits in 2006. In total, ZOEgirl released four studio albums and a greatest hits collection.

The group was formed by Norman Miller, who was also responsible for putting together the group Avalon. Miller said he saw a need for a Christian girl pop group. He had known Alisa Childers since she was a child and first approached her. Alisa is the daughter of contemporary Christian music pioneer Chuck Girard.

Next to join the group was Kristin Swinford (now Swinford-Schweain) who was singing in a jazz group at the time. Finally, Chrissy Conway (now Conway-Katina), a Jersey girl living in Atlanta at the time, was added to the group.

ZOEgirl’s first two albums were full of dance pop songs and there live shows were high-energy sell out events. After that second album the group went through a significant musical change, moving to a grittier pop sound and getting rid of much of the synthesizers and dance moves.

There was some talk about a possible reunion of ZOEgirl back in 2011, and a lullaby record was discussed. But nothing has materialized. The group still has a Facebook page, but the most recent on it is from March 2017.

The group’s 2003 album, “Different Kind of Free” saw a musical move  away from dance pop to a (slightly) grittier pop rock sound. “You Get Me” is from that album.

From their self-titled 2000 debut album, this single peaked at #4 on Christian radio charts, “I Believe”.

From the 2001 album, “Life” this is “Dismissed”.

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