Best of 2017: Interviews

Friday, December 29, 2017

I had the opportunity to interview quite a few people during 2017. Here are five of those interviews that I had the most fun doing.

My Dad
My father passed away this year, back in October. A few months earlier he published his first book, “Been There, Done That” and I used that as an excuse to get him on the air. The book is available through Amazon.

The early years

Learning to surrender

The 1960s and beyond

Amy Grant
I’ve known Amy for going on 35 years. I’ve interviewed her dozens of times, spent time with her in the studio and backstage at concerts across the country, even been to her home a few times. I spoke with her on the phone this year, in part to talk about a concert that was scheduled for the Atlanta area. Here are portions of that conversation.

Amy’s Fire Pit Experiment

Amy’s project for military veterans

Why she tours

Amy & Grandma Williams

Here’s the video for one of Amy’s newest Christmas songs, “To Be Together”

Bob Bennett
I’ve been a fan of Bob Bennett’s music for years. Anyone who does a song called “A Song About Baseball” has a special place in my heart. I had my first opportunity to talk with Bob earlier this year.


About “A Song About Baseball”

Here’s the video version of the song

Jamie Grace
Jamie grew up in the Atlanta area, grew up listening to the JOY FM (back then we went by J93.3). She’s become a friend and favorite artist and frequent guest. She recently moved to Los Angeles, but still comes to back to the ATL pretty regularly. We caught up in studio on one of her trips back home.

Jamie talks about becoming an independent artist

Jamie talks about “The Happy Song”

Here’s the video for that song

Erin O’Donnell
I first met Erin in the late 1990s. She was a young, up and coming artist with a very fresh sound. She stopped recording and touring around 2006, to devote more time to her family. I tracked her down and we talked over the phone.

Erin on giving up recording

Erin on what she’s been doing since

Here’s a video version of Erin’s “Christmas Kiss”

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