Best of 2017: Audio “Bits”

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It is a radio show, Mid Days with Jerry Williams that is. So it’s fitting that I’d feature some of the actual audio, or bits, from the show. Here’s a wide sampling of some of the things we shared on the show in 2017. Among them, topics that were most commented on and some of the stuff I had the most fun sharing.

Penguin On The Telly
My daughter Kelsey claimed ignorance of one of the most often quoted comedy routines in our house.

Remembering Musical TV History
It’s a Sunday night in 1964 and all I wanted to do was watch “The Wonderful World of Disney,” but the teen-aged girl babysitting had a special request.

Fun With Robocalls
I don’t usually answer phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize. But sometimes, especially if I’m near a microphone, I will, just to play with those automated robocalls and waste their time.

TV Ear Worm
For some reason I got an old TV show theme song stuck in my head, and there it stayed for two days.

Who Can You Trust
When two publications, displayed next to each other in the news rack have mutually exclusive headlines, how does anyone trust the media?

Happy Birthday From Alexa
I go an Amazon Echo Dot, the smart speaker that features Alexa, for my birthday this year. My grandsons got more use out of it than I did for a while.

Eventful Errand Trip
One evening my daughter Kelsey, my two youngest grandsons and I set off to run a few errands. That simple beginning turned into a little adventure.

Siri’s Night At The Opera
My middle grandson, Travis, discovered a little Easter egg in the iPhone assistant Siri.

Fancy Pants
Perhaps the most unusual Father’s Day gift I have ever received.

Man Flu
Turns out, it’s really a thing.

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