Best of 2017: Videos

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I shared quite a few videos in 2017. Many of them were from other sources and quite a few were generated by me or other JOY FM staffers. I’ve shared a handful of them here. These represent the most viewed or liked, or simply the ones that are among my favorites.

Facebook Hijacked
We have a lot of computers in the studios and offices at the JOY FM and people often use shared computers to access their social media accounts. Sometimes they forget to log out. I if find someone’s account still logged on…well, I just can’t help myself.

Facebook will occasionally generate videos for you. Such was the case on the 6th anniversary of Rob Langer accepting my friend request.

Trenton Watches The Playoffs
My three year old grandson, Trenton, watched a good deal of baseball’s post season with me. He asked me what they were talking about during the many conversations on the pitcher’s mound. I had to tell him something.

Sadie Robertson
One of the top shared, liked and viewed videos I posted in 2017 was Sadie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty and Dancing With The Stars fame, explaining why she was taking a break from social media.

Coffee Haiku
The Caffeine Dream Team (or the cast of Cawfee Tawk), Rob Langer, Benji Shepherd and me, came up with a unique way to celebrate National Coffee Day.

Dancing Drive Thru Girls
At the T-Shirts For Turkeys stop in Phenix City, the girls taking orders at the drive thru couldn’t hide their joy as they listened to The JOY FM.

Nobel Quest
Early this year it was announced that Hostess was coming out with specialty ice cream flavors, among them, Twinkies flavored ice cream. It took weeks and a 1,500 mile trip, but I finally managed to find some.

Hurricane Irma
One of the biggest stories of the year was Hurricane Irma. Programming for the JOY FM network originated from our Georgia studios that entire weekend as Florida was hammered. I managed to find a little time to document its affects outside our offices.

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