Inflatable Christmas Choir

Friday, December 01, 2017

Highlights For The Week Of November 27, 2017

Inflatable Carolers
Right next door to the JOY FM offices is the Legacy Theatre. They have an inflatable Christmas decoration that got me thinking.

Police Recruitment
There seems to be a trend among police departments around the world to produce creative and entertaining videos to help recruit new officers. Here are examples from Ft Worth, TX and New Zealand.

Controversial Study
If you have any quarrels with this study, please direct your complaints to Vanderbilt University.

Free App Of The Week
From the makers of Prisma (the app that lets you turn your photos into works of art in the style of classical painters) comes Sticky AI. It uses artificial intelligence to create selfie-stickers. Find out more here. Here are a couple of examples.


 Funny Christmas Video Of The Week

I’m not sure why Air New Zealand produced this video. But I’m glad they did.

Totally Accurate History
This is a recurring video series from, the site founded by Roma Downey. Kids give their version of various historic events.

What Happens When You Doze Off At The Symphony
During a quiet interlude at a concert by the North State Symphony in Redding, CA, a woman dozed off. When the music picked back up, well, listen carefully at about 20 seconds into this video to hear the woman being shocked awake.

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