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Thursday, October 05, 2017

It’s amazing how one small act can have such a dramatic effect on so many lives. Take the story of Michelle Tumes. Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, Michelle began studying piano at the age of four. When she was a teenager she entered a two-year classical piano program. The terminally shy Michelle had such a bad experience in that program that started studying dentistry.

And here’s where the small act comes in. Michelle’s little sister had saved up $40 from her paper route and gave it to Michelle to get her to cut a demo. Michelle finally agreed and sent that tape to a few Australian publishing companies. Not long after she was signed to a songwriting contract. That led to a move to the US and a recording deal with Sparrow Records.

In 1998 her first album, “Listen” came out. That contained the hit “Healing Waters,” which charted at #12 for the year, and “Please Come Back,” which came it at #18 for 1998.

Michelle would go on to recored seven solo projects and participate in a few others, including “Lost In Wonder (Voices Of Worship)” with Susan Ashton and Margaret Becker in 2005.

Ove the years I met with and interviewed Michelle a number of times. I found her soft spoken but genuine and pretty straight forward. I’m not sure what’s she’s up these days. The most recent posts on her Facebook page are from late January 2017. One is a profile picture update and the other is video of her performing in 2016 at a church. She hasn’t tweeted since August 2013.

I couldn’t find any concept videos by Michelle. But there are a few live performance videos out there.

Here’s Michelle doing “Healing Waters” live.

Here’s Michelle doing “Please Come Back” live.

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