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Thursday, May 18, 2017

I first met Point Of Grace before they were Point Of Grace. It was April of 1993 in Nashville. A friend of mine, Grant Hubbard, was doing radio promotions for Word Records and they had a new all-female group they had signed late in 1992. The ladies had won the Overall Grand Prize, Group the previous August at the Music in the Rockies Christian Artists Seminar at Estes Park, Colorado. Back then they went by the name Say So.

Grant told me that the label wasn’t crazy about that name and were trying to come up with something else. I suggested the name In Waiting. There was a spiritual aspect to it, as in “in waiting for Jesus to return,” as well as a reference to the fact that all four of the girls were still single at the time. But the record company opted for Point Of Grace instead.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Point Of Grace at a variety of events and have had them in the studio quite a few times. Back in 1996 they were performing at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville and I was emceeing the show. I started to introduce by naming them individually. “Please welcome Terry, Heather, Denise and….” My mind had gone blank, I couldn’t remember Shelly’s name for what seemed like an hour. Finally it came to me, “and Shelly. Point Of Grace!” Thankfully everyone believed I had paused for dramatic effect.

Point Of Grace had an unprecedented and so far unrivaled string of 24 #1 radio singles. Somewhere around #20 or #21 Point Of Grace was in the studio with me and I asked them if they ever got tired of the pressure of every song they had ever released going to #1. “Why don’t you just put out a real stinker to break the streak and take the pressure off?” I asked. They looked at me like I had two heads, and continued with their chart-topping way.

Terry Jones left the group to devote her time to family in early 2004. She was replaced by Leigh Cappillino. In June of 2008 Heather Payne retired to also spend more time with her family. Denise Jones, Shelly Breen and Leigh Cappillino announced they would continue to tour and record as a trio.

Here’s the official music video of “Jesus Will Still Be There” which I played on the air as the Throw Back Thursday feature. It’s was the group’s third #1 song, from the debut album, “Point Of Grace,” released in 1993.

And here are a couple of bonus videos, “Gather At The River,” another #1, from the 1995 “The Whole Truth,” and “How You Live (Turn Up The Music)” from the 2007 “How You Live.” This single peaked at #7 and is my favorite post-Terry Jones POG song.

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