Breakfast Sessions

The Breakfast Sessions

A look into life outside the office for Jayar & the family

May 18 2018

Jayar and Tiger Lily chat about the future of technology, and practice their Spanish.

May 14 2018

Jayar chats with the family about their opinions on the royal wedding.

May 8 2018

Jayar tells the kids about the wonders of pork rinds.

May 4 2018

The whole family is at the table today!

May 1 2018

Jayar gets the kids' excitement level for Disney's upcoming films.

April 27 2018

A look today's news of the leaders of the Koreas meeting, from the perspective of 8-year-old Hans.

April 26 2018

Jayar has a deep conversation with Queen Amadala about her hopes for the day.

April 25 2018

Jayar chats with the family about what it may be like to be stranded on a deserted island