Highlights from Friday, Jan 17, 2014


Rubber Duckie Day

Any week that starts with Rubber Duckie Day is going to be a good week. Ernie (the Muppet) first sang the song "Rubber Duckie" on Sesame Street on Jan 13, 1970.

And here's the video of that original performance.



Paper Or Plastic, Money That Is

It seems like more and more people are giving up plastic, credit and debit cards, especially in light of the recent breaches of retailers' customer databases.

Shannon explains

No plastic for Sara


Getting Your Teens To Talk

Shannon sets the stage

And here's another response


Jerry's Wacky Dream

Jerry shares a recent dream

Here's one explanation of what it means


Our Very Own Movie Stars

Dreams of another kind are coming true for lots of our listeners with the release this weekend of the movie Stand Your Ground.

Darrel comments on the upcoming faith-based films of 2014 and Stand Your Ground.

And Beverly is Stand Your Ground too.