Highlights from Friday, Jan 10, 2014

Sleeping In Airports?

Jerry found an entire website dedicated to just that. It's SleepingInAirports.net.

Here's how Jerry & Shannon discussed it.




Dennis Rodman in North Korea

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the former NBA star taking an exhibition team to the far east. Jerry & Shannon discussed it.

The controversy wouldn't go away.

Velveeta Shortage Looming

Who doesn't love a good Velveeta-based dip, especially at this time of year, with the Super Bowl approaching and the weather staying chilly. But it may not be easy to find that meltable cheesey goodness this year.



Fighting Migraines

Shannon has been suffering from migraines

She turned to Face Book for some help

And then we asked you. Mary suggested cold

And Amanda suggested a night guard


This Week's Videos


We often share special videos on the Prevenings Facebook Page. We thought we'd start sharing them here as well.

Zoo Atlanta isn't the only zoo with new bear cubs. The Toronto Zoo just released this video of their new polar bear cub taking his first steps.


We also shared a video highlighting a special project in South Korea dealing with abandoned babies.



WARNING: You will cry while watching this video. It's the latest from Proctor & Gamble in their "Thanks Mom" series that run around the Olympics.