Highlights from Friday, Jan 03, 2014

Our Favorite Moments Of 2013 (Part II)

Whenever we had a problem or a question during 2013 we knew we could count our you to help us out. Like that time Shannon was having sinus trouble and asked if anyone had experience with a Neti Pot.

Neti Pot Advice #1

Neti Pot Advice #2

And there was the time we needed some help dealing with critters that had gotten into some unusual places.

Critter Advice #1

Critter Advice #2

Of course, it wasn't all bugs and mice and sticking weird things up your nose. We also got you talking about love, in a rather unusual place.

Wal*Mart Love #1

Wal*Mart Love #2

Speaking of love, we spent a good deal of time in 2013 talking with Justin & Trisha Davis, who brought their Refine Us marriage conference to the ATL. Here they are talking about expectations going into marriage.

Many Prevenings listeners confessed to "recycling" items that other people had discarded as trash. Like:

An Ironing Board

A Couch

A Computer

And we got re-acquainted with our favorite magician, through a discussion of "man-purses."


When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?


Shannon put up a Christmas tree for the first time in her adult life in 2013 and hasn't taken it down yet. Jerry, well he's a bit of a Christmas nut and we suspect he's trying to keep his tree up until baseball's spring training begins. Here's one response we got from a listener.