Highlights from Friday, Dec 27, 2013

HolIday Roof Giveaway Winner

Our friends at Ben Hill Renovations made it possible for us to give away a roof! You nominated deserving families and then a special committee chose the winner. Pam Smith submitted the winning nomination, Vernie Shellnut. Here's the phone call when we told both Pam and Vernie of the committee's decision.

Pam & Vernie

Vernie's story touched a lot of people. Here's one example.


Our Favorite Moments Of 2013 (Part I)


Another year is nearly over. As we looked back on 2013 there were quite a few special moments, and almost all of them included Prevenings listeners. Here are a few them that we shared on the air this past week.

The "Great Twinkie Shortage Of 2013" was near the top of our list:

Twinkies in Columbus?

Yeah, we've confirmed that Twinkie sighting.

You shared some of your quirky kitchen behavior:

The old milk switcheroo

And Fake Frosted Flakes

Food wasn't the only topic. Our kids provided a good deal of entertainment.

Impromptu Sock Puppets

In search of baby Jesus

Weird sleep activities also provided a few chuckles.

There was sleepwalking dog care

And the coach who likes to sleep huddle

We'll share more of our favorite moments of 2013 next week on the air on Prevenings and right here on the Prevenings Highlights Page.