Highlights from Friday, Nov 08, 2013

Shannon's New Kindle

Shannon got a new Kindle this week and we asked for some suggestions on what she should download first.

Shannon asks for help

The first suggestion

Two more

And one that was rejected



Shannon Sews

Busy week for Shannon. She revealed that she's taught herself to sew.
And she may have inspired at least one other person to try it too.

Video Store Memories

Blockbuster announced that they're closing all of their brick-n-mortar stores.

Jerry & Shannon's take

A video store memory



Black Thursday?

With so many stores planning to open on Thanksgiving day, can you really call the day AFTER Thanksgiving "Black Friday" anymore? We asked for your thoughts on stores being open on Thanksgiving.

Jerry & Shannon and Megan
Brian and Sherry
Jim and Craig

Please Remove Your Shoes

We talked about the practice that some people have of asking guests to remove their shoes before coming in the house.

Jerry & Shannon

She provides socks

Watch out for that pesky foot oil



Shannon (Finally) Remembered Everything

One day last week Shannon forgot her phone. Then this week she forgot her makeup. Seems she wasn't alone:

Jerry & Shannon

How do you forget your clothes?

Awesome Facebook Friend Of The Day

A few weeks ago we told you about an idea to share the joy by honoring some of your Facebook friends. Jerry is doing just that weekdays in Novemeber. You can see it here. Maybe it will encourage you to spread a little joy among your own friends.