Highlights from Friday, Oct 18, 2013

Corn Maze As An Expression Of Romance

Autumn is the perfect time to spend some time wandering around in a corn maze. And for one Ohio farmer (pictured at left) it was a wonderful opportunity to express his love for his bride on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. We asked you about local corn mazes.




Are Libraries In Danger?

We been reading about the impending doom of the public library, what with the Internet and ebooks and all. Here's what you had to say on that topic.

Your Last Chance To Submit A Question For Justin & Trisha Davis

Every Wednesday we ask Justin & Trisha Davis a question that you've submitted. This coming Wednesday will be our final Q&A with them, so if you haven't submitted a question yet you better hurry. Just click on the picture at the left to go to that section of the website. And if we use your question on the air, you'll win two tickets to the event.

This week we asked Justin & Trisha a question about dealing with unmet expectations.

That topic is so important we asked Justin & Trisha to elaborate a little.

The Refine Us Tour is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends to join you. Justin & Trisha had some suggestions on doing that.