Highlights from Friday, Sep 13, 2013

How Far Do You Go To Make Sure You're Having Quality Family Time

We talked about two different families, the McMillans from Canada and the Martins from Palm Beach, FL, who'd gone to extreme lengths to have quality family time. The McMillans went a year without any technology that had been introduced after 1986. The Martins took a year + off (400 days) to visit all 50 states in an RV. (OK, they took a boat to Alaska and flew to Hawaii. Here's a couple of calls we got on how you've spent special family time.




This Week's Question For Justin & Trisha Davis

Justin & Trisha Davis will bring the Refine Us Tour to Fayetteville on October 25. Every Wednesday we ask them a question that you've submitted. You can hear all the questions and answers here.

This week's question came from Angela.


Some Guy Wants To Make Hide-n-Seek An Olympic Sport

Here's Jerry and Shannon's take on it.

A couple of callers thought Red Rover might be a better choice.



Shannon's Lunch Choice Goes Horribly Wrong

It all started with an innocent conversation about Campbell's new K-Cup soups.

Which led to Shannon's little microwave incident.

That inspired Jerry's microwave pet peeve.

Which led to Jerry's new blog "It Annoys Me When."