Highlights from Friday, Sep 06, 2013

To be fair, The Morning Cruise started this discussion, we picked it up and ran with it. The consensus seems to be...well listen for yourself.





Justin & Trisha

We're spending a little time with Justin and Trisha Davis every Wednesday as we get ready for the Refine Us Tour on marriage and relationshis, coming to Fayetteville in October. Every week we ask them a question that you submit. (Get all the details and submit your question here. If we use it on the air we'll give you two tickets to the conference.)

Here's this week's question from Rachel.

And we asked Justin and Trisha how they spent the Labor Day holiday. Turns out it didn't go quite as they'd hoped.

Camping Out For The New iPhone

The new iPhone will be in stores on September 20. On Friday September 6, a full two weeks before the release date, people were camping out in front of Apple stores to be sure they were among the first to get the new phone. We asked if you'd be willing to camp out to scoop up anything.